Dr. Dees has a thorough understanding of the holistic nature of wellness. She helps patients co-operate with the natural healing and recuperative powers of the body to achieve and stay at their optimal health.

New Regeneration Orthopedics is Florida's premier orthopedic stem cell clinic and Regenexx® Provider. We offer the most advanced stem cell and blood platelet procedures for treating orthopedic injuries, arthritis and other degenerative conditions. If you’ve ever wondered if stem cell or platelet therapy might be a good alternative for you or someone you love, the expert team at New Regeneration Orthopedics is standing by to help you determine if Regenexx is right for you.

At Monticciolo Family & Sedation Dentistry, we make it simple to achieve your healthiest, most beautiful smile. From sedation procedures to Invisalign, our dentists are committed to giving personalized oral health care tailored to your dental needs and goals.

At NeuroSpa TMS, our patients live their best life side effect and drug free. Many people who suffer from depression look to commonly used prescription medication, just to get through the day. To be effective, prescription depression medication must be taken consistently, continuously, and is accompanied by undesirable side effects. Although some TMS patients may experience temporary scalp discomfort during treatment, the 100% FDA cleared TMS treatment is virtually side effect free.