Animal Removal

Whether you have raccoons, squirrels, armadillos or rats, our expert technicians will not only remove the unwanted invaders, but we will also repair any damage they have caused and perform the necessary exclusionary service to guarantee that they will not come back!Our professionals are state licensed and insured to trap and remove most wild animal species that live in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg FL. We know how to humanely catch or trap and then release an animal, while adhering to our local wildlife laws.Despite being in the pest control business, Phoenix Pest Pros loves animals. We use the most humane methods for trapping and removal, and environmentally responsible techniques to prevent critters from entering or damaging your home.

Exterminator Service

In most instances we are able to catch and relocate an animal without having to kill it. This is always our first choice, but in cases where extermination is necessary, proper and humane methods are used as recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association.It is critical after unwanted animals or rodents are eliminated to do a thorough clean up, in order to prevent and protect against diseases. Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control professionals will do a thorough cleaning of any waste, droppings, urine, guano, or feces that is left behind.Ants and roaches are a big problem, mostly in the summer, but here in Florida they can be a problem year round. We can get rid of any ant or roach problem you have, including the small sugar ants that are very common here. If other companies have been unsuccessful in treating your home, call us today.

Attic Cleanup and Restoration

When rats, raccoons, squirrels, or bats live in your attic, they leave their urine, waste, and old hair droppings behind. These present a health hazard that needs to be cleaned up, and often requires ripping out the old insulation, cleaning and decontaminating, and installing new insulation. We are licensed to provide full attic restoration services.